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With ever-increasing fuel prices, a well-insulated home is more important than ever. The "R" factor of your insulation can mean the difference between a warm, comfortable and affordable winter, and a drafty, expensive one. We offer insulation in three different applications, and we will consult with you after an inspection to determine which application is most beneficial for your particular 
home or building.

  • Retrofit or New Construction
  • Blown-in Fiberglass Insulation
  • We use high-pressure blown-in fiberglass to fill the cavities between the studs in your walls. It is a new type of fiberglass that has the appearance and feel of cotton, but has excellent insulating density and is insect and rodent-repellant. This type of insulation is ideal for retro-fitting older homes without disturbing the inside walls.

  • Blown-in Cellulose
  • Cellulose insulation is made from recycled paper such as used newspapers and boxes. Because cellulose insulation is produced using recycled waste materials, it's a good option for environmentally conscious consumers. Cellulose insulation is considered a loose-fill type of insulation; small particles form fluffy materials that conform to the spaces in which they are installed.

    Cellulose insulation costs more than fiberglass insulation, but it can save homeowners 20 percent to 50 percent on their utility bills if installed according to the DOE's R-value recommendations. In addition to contributing to energy efficiency, properly installed cellulose insulation is fire resistant, fills irregular and hard-to-reach places well, and is a good choice for consumers interested in environmentally friendly products.

  • Fiberglass Roll Batts
  • This is the standard "pink" roll insulation that is installed between the studs of your walls. This type of  insulation is better suited for new construction or remodeling projects, where the inside wall studs are exposed and ready to receive the batts.

  • Urethane Board Foam
  • This product provides a high level of compression and shear strength, which is further enhanced by bonding with facing materials such as metal or plasterboard. Rigid polyurethane foam board can be used in applications which experience exceptional extremes of temperature, from -200°C to +100°C.  Rigid polyurethane foam has one of the lowest thermal conductivity ratings of any insulation, allowing efficient retention of heat or maintenance of a refrigerated or frozen environment.

  • Spray Urethane Foam
  • Spray polyurethane foam describes a category of high-performance spray foam insulation and air barrier material that delivers multiple benefits in one application. These advantages include high insulation values, near-zero air permeability, increased building strength, severe weather and flood resistance, increased occupant comfort, improved indoor air quality, reduced operating costs and lower environmental impacts.

    Because spray polyurethane foam is fully adhering and seals hard-to-reach penetrations, it provides unequaled air sealing properties for the entire building envelope. Reduced uncontrolled air leakage results in lower utility bills and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Dow T.G.®
  • Tongue and Groove Insulation features tongue and groove edges on all four sides of 2' x 8' boards 1" thick or less and on the long edges of all other boards. The lightweight, moisture-resistant and thermally efficient Type IV extruded polystyrene foam insulation is suited for a wide range of residential and commercial construction applications.

  • Specialty applications designed for fire protection and heat reflectivity
  • Please call for more information on this type of insulation: 

Whatever your insulation needs, we will work with you to achieve the goal in the best and most efficient way possible for your building.

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The J. A. Jubb Advantage

Infrared Thermogram Inspection Equipment

  1. Measurements are obtained instantaneously with immediate results.
  2. Measurements are made remotely without contact to surfaces being inspected.
  3. Equipment is portable and easy to use in confined or inaccessible areas.
  4. Inspection is fast, simple and efficient.

Profit by infrared inspection and quality control.


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